Salted SPEECH 

Communication and speech is one of the greatest Gifts that God has given to mankind. And this in every unique purpose of it, is to the fact that God created man in his image and likeness.

Rights from the beginning of creation, the nature of the Godhead has characterized and influenced man in our responds to his word in the fulfillment of his will for man’s creation.
This was made possible as “God in sundry times spoke to us through his Prophet,” also as holy men of God were inspired to write the scripture for the preservation of his word. 

Take words, speech, relational communication out of this beautiful world and you are left with a huge empty barrel.

” Speech is learnt, but the right speech is taught”. G.K 

Apostle Paul makes a fundamental statement about this, and it’s reads… 
[1Co 13:11] BBE 

When I was a child, I made use of a child’s language, I had a child’s feelings and a child’s thoughts: now that I am a man, I have put away the things of a child.

Personally the text above is one of the most fascinating Bible verses I have come across because of how deep and imbedded it is with the basic principles of how a believer ought to conduct him/herself in speech.
Courtesy has been a great advantage to many people who had the chance to be trained and nurtured in all appropriateness. But not everyone had this experience of a lifetime at a tender age.

Again “Good courtesy is not a replacement of the right attitude in speech as a believer.” G.K

Even before and after a person gets born again, a believer is open up to all manner of wrong speech; vulgar, insult, tantrums, profanity, sarcastic comment etc.

How can this be solved? Paul states three (3) things in the scripture above.

  • Spoke as a child.
  • Understood as a child.
  • Thought as a child.

This is the condition of every baby Christian, Simply, Paul says he speak, before he  understand before he think. In the right manner this is very “Someway”. As a matured man or woman, you make up thoughts for understanding before you may speak it out, but this is the case of the unlearned “baby Christian”
Three (3) ways to help you adjust to Right speech as a Christian.


The word of God is able to make wise. When one gives him/herself to God’s word, marvelous effects and changes begins to bud up like fruits in that persons life. 


It’s in the church that Christians are instructed in the lords way, making yourself available at church opens you up for corrections and opportunity to Learn a positive way a living. 


A friend influences your decisions and actions greatly, therefore have good friends. Christian brothers and sisters will encourage you to always conduct yourself in a manner that is become of a Christian. Music, movies and other forms of information can corrupt our attitude, one must be careful with these. 

Finally, the goal of this write is to make you know that there is a way a believer is expected to conduct his or herself in speech to the glorification of God.

God bless you! 

Author: mingoodwillkodua

Pastor and Teacher of God's word, with the desire to build God's people into maturity to fulfill God's Divine purpose for His church.

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