Unfortunate LOVE ❤

​Love is one of the strongest forces God gave to humanity, apart from Gravity the only other thing I know of which behaves just like it is love.


Gravity pulls things to itself, and holds things compact together. Isn’t this similar of loves behavior, how that love makes people gravitate towards each other, mostly of different decent, race, color, faith, status etc.

It’s such a beautiful phenomenal experience which people who finds themselves In this “Cove of love” can’t even better explain the felling.

Nuela Charles song does well. Click here

The general thoughts on this is close to getting a disappointment from someone whom you love, but isn’t certain on his/her love for you. That unfortunate feedback is so hard to deal with, the mental strength needed to sail through such a time is plus.

I therefore wish all those who have been in this position before and now to be strong and make discrete decisions promptly. 

G.K loves You. 

Author: mingoodwillkodua

Pastor and Teacher of God's word, with the desire to build God's people into maturity to fulfill God's Divine purpose for His church.

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