God & Football 

Interesting to find this from me honestly shows my love for sports particularly the game of football ⚽. According to research football is one of the most watched and patronized games in the world now and I bet to say that among these patronisers are faithful Christians who just express their love for this game out of a pure conscience and conducts themselves accordingly in all forms, whether active play, spectators etc, which gives no room for criticism.

Quoted from anonymous Source: But I want to raise the question: “Should Christians be involved in the ‘game’ of football, at any level? – whether it be physically as one of the team, personally attending the matches as a spectator, or simply as a ‘Norm’, or ‘Couch Potato’, watching the game at home on the TV?”

In my experience, asking this question of Christians has produced an assortment of responses, some quite emotional, and an increasing number strenuously defend their belief that there is no harm to be done by their involvement with the game, at any level. “What could possibly be wrong with footy?” they ask. “Surely God is not against Christians having a bit of fun and entertainment, is He?”

Many football players and associates are diligent and faithful to Christian values and even in it extremeties good church contributors who have mastered the need to seperate this demanding profession and their Spirituality.

I once made a comment to a friend that, if the kind of enthusiasm that many Christian football lovers have and exhibits for their fan Clubs ♧ is to be reciprocated into their singular service unto God, a much more results would be experienced.

“You see, fun is not same as game, and game is not same as fun, but both can produce each other.”

Your purpose in life as Christian is larger than any of these, thou must therfore set your intents correctly any time you want achieve any of the above.

God bless You.

Author: mingoodwillkodua

Pastor and Teacher of God's word, with the desire to build God's people into maturity to fulfill God's Divine purpose for His church.

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