Why Hebrews? Why Greeks? 

By: El-Prince Nkrumah Aidoo. 

One friend asked me why does some  teachers and preachers make reference to Hebrew and Greek words in their preaching.

And EL-PRINCE explains

The old testament was written in Hebrew language and the new testament in Greek language. It was then translated into Latin. Then around the 1300’s AD some portion were translated into English. There was no full English Bible until 1526 AD.

At the time Wycliffe started to translate the Bible into English, the English words at that time were limited (even now). 

Therefore one English word were being used for two or more Latin (Hebrew, Greek) words. 

For example, reading the new testament you will come across the word Redemption in different books and chapters. There are three different (similar) words for redemption in the Greek. The truth of the matter is that in the Greek those words are not the same but they are similar in meaning. 

Owing to the fact that the English language lack words to described these three words that are similar in the Greek language, they chose to use redemption for all the three words. 

So you can see redemption in Galatians and another redemption in Ephesians you might be tempted to give the same meaning to them and you will be highly wrong.

For this and many other reason, it becomes necessary as often as needed to use the Hebrew, Greek and possibly Latin language in teaching of the word. (Don’t forget He gave some as teachers.)

Another example is in Genesis 1:2 (And the earth WAS without form…) The Hebrew word for the word “was” in the verse above is hâyâh. Hâyâh means “BECAME” and not “WAS”. This goes on to affect the interpretation of the whole chapter.

NB: The Bible was not translated straight from Hebrew and Greek into English. It was translated into Latin from Hebrew and Greek then from Latin into English.

Nevertheless some think making reference to the Greek language in your preaching is for the fun of it. In view of that some just quote it so they will be seen as “deep”. 

No way, mentioning Hebrew words in your preaching doesn’t necessarily make it a sound teaching and acceptable doctrine. You can quote as many Greek words in your preaching and still be wrong. You can still preach out of context with it. 

Make sure you are well abreasted with them, other than that don’t venture into it. Make your preaching simple to bring clearity of the word and leave Greek and the Hebrew to them who have equip themselves with it. 

Remember he gave some to be Teachers.